Jet Card

What CeJets Jet Card?

Embark on an unparalleled private jet experience with the CeJets Jet Card – your key to exceptional luxury. Unlock elite travel with our prepaid model, providing seamless access to our extensive international aircraft network.

Tailored for frequent flyers seeking a seamless, long-term solution.

✨ Why Choose CeJets Jet Card?

🔒 Ensured Access: Guarantee your access to premium travel with our pre-paid model, ensuring exclusive privileges to our global fleet of luxury aircraft.

💼 Tailored Elegance: Collaborate with your dedicated Account Manager to create a personalized solution based on your preferences and travel requirements.

🛫 Effortless Booking: Subscribe to the CeJets Jet Card, share your travel details, and our service client team will ensure an impeccably smooth luxury flight experience.

📞 24/7 Dedicated Support: Your dedicated Account Manager is at your service around the clock, promptly advising on the finest private jet solutions.

💰 Flexible Refund Policy: Enjoy the freedom to depart at any time without penalty. Your remaining balance can be refunded within 72 hours.

🚫 No Peak Period Restrictions: Travel whenever you desire without constraints. CeJets Jet Card liberates you from peak period limitations.

🔄 No Interchange Fee: Upgrade or downgrade with ease. Experience complete flexibility with CeJets Jet Card.

💎 All-Inclusive Opulence: Choose our all-inclusive option – no hidden fees, no extra charges. From handling agent services to crew costs, experience the epitome of luxury.

📅 No Expiration Date: Your CeJets Jet Card comes with no expiration date, granting you ultimate flexibility and peace of mind.

🕑 24-Hour Notice: Enjoy the luxury of a contractually guaranteed aircraft with as little as 24 hours’ notice.

🚫 Excluded Extras: Only ITL and De-icing are excluded. Everything else is all-inclusive!

Ready to redefine your private flying experience? Contact us now to subscribe to the CeJets Jet Card and step into a world of opulence! 🌍✈️


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Efficiency, flexibility, luxury, time-saving, privacy, tailored service, global reach, and unmatched comfort characterize flying with CeJets private jet charter.